Wildtracks rescue a jaguar in Belize

Wildtracks – Saving the wildlife of Belize

Wildtracks is a remarkable charity organisation that has been dedicated to rehabilitating and conserving wildlife in Belize since 1999. With a focus on manatees and monkeys the organisation has made significant strides in preserving these endangered species and creating a sustainable future for Belize’s biodiversity. This article explores the vital work carried out by Wildtracks and highlights their efforts in safeguarding these magnificent creatures.

Since its establishment in 1990, Wildtracks has been an active player in conservation in Belize and has been centrally involved in rehabilitating wildlife since 1990. It initially started by rehabilitating manatees and expanded its efforts to include monkeys in 2010. The organisation’s commitment to wildlife conservation has set an exemplary standard for other initiatives worldwide.

The headline image shows an example of Wildtracks’ wider conservation work. A jaguar, discovered trapped inside a cave and in urgent need of assistance, was reported to Wildtracks. Following a joint effort between the Wildtracks team, the Belize Zoo, the Corozal Sustainable Future Initiative and the Forest Department, the jaguar was successfully tranquilized and later released back into its natural habitat.

Protecting Belize’s Wildlife

One of Wildtracks’  primary goals is to prevent any animal species from becoming extinct in Belize by 2030. By rehabilitating and releasing animals back into their natural habitats, the organisation actively contributes to the preservation of Belize’s rich biodiversity.

Rehabilitating manatees is crucial to the survival of these gentle marine creatures. Rehabilitated manatees are carefully nurtured back to health and eventually released into open waters. Currently, there are an estimated 700 to 1000 Antillean manatees in Belize – the stronghold for this charismatic creature – making its conservation a matter of utmost importance.

Boat collisions have become a significant concern for manatees in Belize. The rise in water traffic increases the risk of injury and mortality for these slow-moving mammals. Wildtracks plays a vital role in raising awareness about this issue and actively works with local communities to mitigate the threat and ensure the long-term survival of manatees.

Success Stories and Survivorship

Rehabilitating a manatee is a complex process that can take up to four years. However, the efforts yield promising results:. Wildtracks boasts the highest success rate among rehabilitation facilities worldwide in terms of post-release survivorship (100% through the monitored period), reflecting their expertise and dedication.

The rehabilitation of manatees and monkeys at Wildtracks goes beyond physical care. The organisation recognises the importance of attending to the mental health and well-being of these animals. Ensuring their psychological recovery and providing suitable environments to learn critical life skills are key factors in their successful rehabilitation.

Orphaned manatees require special attention, as they normally spend 100% of their time in close contact with their mothers. To bridge this gap, Wildtracks ensures that orphaned manatees receive extensive social support from their carers until they are able to be introduced to other manatees for companionship. This unwavering dedication ensures that these young individuals receive the necessary care and attention for their well-being and eventual release. 

Wildtracks has proven itself as a leading force in wildlife rehabilitation and conservation in Belize. Through their exceptional efforts in rehabilitating manatees and monkeys, they have set an example for other organisations around the world. With their unwavering commitment, Wildtracks paves the way for a brighter future where no animal species will become extinct in Belize by 2030.

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