Robin Cruikshank is a British designer currently working in the UK, US, France and Central America. Robin’s work encompasses digital, acrylic, furniture, property development and interior design. Starting in the 1960s, then in partnership with Ringo Starr until the mid 1980's, Robin has designed the interiors for palaces in Abu Dhabi and luxury developments in the UK and Miami. A long list notable clients include actor Christopher Plummer and ex British Prime Minister Sir Edward Heath.

Stargazing Icons reimagined.

Star Gazing is a detailed reference of Robin Cruikshank's computer art. Many of his images are based on photographs from the iconic Kobal Hollywood picture library.

Veronica Lake

Abstract Altered images.

Using complex digital processes, only the title gives a cryptic clue to the original source image. Robin Cruikshank’s digital abstracts range from poster size to entire wall coverings giving a room a startling and mesmerising ambiance.

Film Noir

Starstruck Acrylic Magic.

Star Struck is a collection of Hollywood inspired items from the 'Golden Era' using today's technology and materials to produce a dazzling series of eye catching items.

Marilyn serves drinks

Property Development & Interior Design.

From the palaces of Abu Dhabi to property developments in Miami, Belize and the UK Robin Cruikshank’s has been commissioned for both interior and exterior design since the 1980’s.

Property Development and Interior Design