The Starry Sky
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Robin Cruikshank, Star Struck Collection.

The Star Struck Collection

Made to order

A Collection of Hollywood inspired items from the 'Golden Era' using today's technology and materials to produce a dazzling series of eye catching items.

Designer Robin Cruikshank formerly Ringo Starr's partner in ROR LTD has worked with The Kobal Collection, the premier film photo archive, and Zone Creations Ltd experts in Acrylic Fabrication and the latest lighting technology to produce this unique collection.These will be available shortly, more information to come.

Each peice is made to order.

Hollywood Icons

The Hollywood Icon (full life size) sculptures are limited editions. Only 50 of each will be made.

We will be pleased to quote you price(s) against specific enquiries. Get in touch by clicking here.

The Star Struck Collection

Hollywood Icons

Table and Chairs

Acrylic LED furniture